Morgan State University In Baltimore Maryland

There are a lot of different things that Baltimore city offers. One of the great things is the educational facilities specifically offered by the college educations from the University of Maryland or Morgan State University. The Morgan State University is generally a coeducational institution that is based in a residential division of Baltimore city in Maryland.

This university offers a very comprehensive broad range of academic courses and programs all through the doctorate. The academic programs offered by the University of Maryland, Morgan State University that leads to the award of a bachelor’s degree include; accounting, actuarial science, biology, chemistry, business administration, economics, English, fine arts, computer science finance, marketing, management, nursing, music among many others.

Through the action of the Maryland laws particularly the Legislature, Maryland University has been placed to be Maryland’s Public Urban University. It is responsible for addressing the requirements of schools, residents, and various organizations just within the Baltimore Metropolitan geographic area.

Morgan University is basically located in a residential geographic area of the northeast Baltimore City. The university can easily be accessed from the downtown, Interstate 95 and the Baltimore Beltway. The campus enrolls an average of 7,800 students each year in the baccalaureate level programs as well as the doctorate programs.

The Morgan State University attracts students from both within the state and many other foreign states. Actually, about 40% of all the students enrolled at the university are from outside Maryland. Additionally, it is one of the top institutions nationally specifically in the number of the applications received from many American and African high school graduates. Ideally, the largest sources of its admissions outside Maryland are New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

The University is famous for its comprehensive and extensive undergraduate curriculum actually with more specialized courses at the master and the doctoral levels. The university has maintained a strong emphasis on the arts and sciences particularly at the undergraduate levels. Also, it offers a broad range of programs in the professional fields; business, engineering, teacher education, hospitality management, architecture, and social work.

The Morgan state university is an originally black institution, that has served citizens of all ethnic and racial backgrounds. Currently, its mission is to admit a student body basically diverse in its academic and socioeconomic status as well as providing the ultimate-range of services and experiences that generally permits it to serve its students successfully with a variety of objectives and needs.

Maryland state University awards more bachelor’s degrees to the African-American students as compared to any other campus specifically in Maryland. In different fields, particularly in the sciences and engineering Morgan accounts for a large percentage of degrees achieved by African-Americans especially from Maryland colleges and other institutions. The University has been historically ranked among the leading public or state campuses nationally basically in the number of the black graduates obtaining doctorates.

In conclusion, it is important to mention some of the key different schools and colleges in the university which include; school of architecture and planning, college of liberal arts, school of business and management, school of
community health and policy, school of social work, school of global studies among many others.