Baltimore MD – The Charming City

Baltimore is the most popular tourist city in Maryland, and it’s located in the Mid-Atlantic region near Washington D.C. The local highlights of the town include excellent seafood, vibrant art scenes, various art museums, Major League Ball Park and home to Baltimore Raven sports team. Since it lies near the Chesapeake Bay, it has cool temperature climate, continuous nightlife, various sightseeing sites and plenty of hospitality making it great to visit any time of the year.

The Baltimore Districts
Baltimore is home to a staggering number of designated official neighborhoods with each having unique character and various tourist destinations. Here are some of the areas a traveler can visit and enjoy

• The Inner Harbor
The inner harbor holds most of Baltimore excellent museums, world winning restaurants, loved music scenes and a magnificent national Aquarium. The port has a stunning view, and on the east side, it has the most upscale neighborhood with the latest housing technology.

• The Fells Point
The Fells Point is home to Little Italy, and the Corned Beef row since has excellent nightlife, restaurants, pubs and especially authentic Little Italy. Climate

Baltimore has the most cooling environment that makes it easy to visit because of its humid subtropical climate zone, and the city weather is affected by the warm marine estuary, the town low elevation and its wall of mountains to the northwest and west. The summer is hot and humid and winter is moist, cool and mild and sometimes the city experiences light snow. Falls and springs come with pleasant temperatures and southern breezes with beautiful sceneries.

Baltimore does not undergo extreme weather changes making it easy for the visitors to explore outdoors without jackets from March to around late November. The warm weather makes Baltimore a unique city to visit and venture into outdoor activities that include swimming, among others.


It is straightforward to get around Baltimore with public transit since buses are affordable. The Greyhound offers transportation from major cities of North America to Baltimore, from New York the Apex bus provides competitive rates, and the MVP bus runs between Baltimore to New York and DC.

You can opt to use private cars but the car parking is quite expensive in the inner city around the harbor area, and the Amtrak offers frequent train services into Baltimore. You can also check the MARC that offers inexpensive train services between Washington DC and Baltimore. But if you ever break down in the city give our company a call today.

The nearest airport is the Baltimore MD international airport that is located few miles from the city center with various Airport shuttles taking you to multiple destinations like the Baltimore Sport Teams venues.

Baltimore is one city that is unique, stunning, and creative and exciting to visit, with decent weather, transportation system, and various neighborhoods; it has the charm to keep you entertained.